Kara Clark isn't known for mincing words, holding back, or giving up 
on a dream that brought her to Nashville in 2001.  
With kids in tow and no plan, she was determined to make waves in Music City, and with her unique vocal style and gutsy song writing, she was noticed almost immediately. 
Vocal Coach Renee Grant Williams told her "You have what cannot be taught, "emotion". But it w​​as not easy to be different and she was 
quickly boxed in as "Outlaw" which was a blessing and a curse. 
Kara always said "I am many genre's, I just write and play what I feel and sometimes it can't be catagorized, that is ok with me." 
With writing, playing, touring, attention, and a growing fan base, came frustration.  From the "Sinnin'" cd (2009) to "Southern Hospitality" (2012), she always felt the lyrics in her songwriting outweighed the touchy subject matter and she continued to be boxed in as "too dangerous". 
This all finally got to her the summer of 2014 when it seemed throwing in the towel was her best option. 
While taking a break and focusing on only songwriting, her friends, supporters, and family demanded another record and reminded her, giving up is not an option. 
Kara went back into the studio Nov. 2014 and decided to bend a bit, she remained true to herself but decided to listen instead of talk, take advice instead of giving it, and make her best music to date. 
"The Key" is Kara's newest EP and while she feels she stayed true to herself, she  also feels the music will show a more mature, relaxed artist and prove that she is more than just the West Virginia girl who wanted to make waves, she wants to  make a name for herself and will not give up until she does.